Thursday, August 24, 2006

Windows Genuine advance check work-around

See here Windows Genuine advance check work-around : How to: Bypass Windows Genuine Advantage Check on Windows XP

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Royal EZVue Vista


We have seen Flash drives which display the remaining capacity. Royal consumer products has announced a USB 2.0 Flash/Jump drive with a scrollable window display enabling consumers to view stored file names without a computer connection. The drive has 4 buttons which display the file name, extension, date created and so on. Royal has also introduced a SD Card Reader / Writer with a similar display. Additionally, every Royal EZVue Vista Drive with internal flash memory will include pre-loaded Allway Sync Pro file and folder synchronization software. Allway Sync Pro allows consumers to easily copy files to Royal Vista Drives or to select one-touch or automatic synchronization between folders and files stored on an EZVue Vista Drive and the consumer’s PC.

The Royal EZVue Vista Drive will be available in of 256MB (US$50), 512MB (US$80) and 1GB (US$100) memory sizes. The SD card reader with display will sell for $ 30.


We saw the original Royal EZVue Vista flash drive earlier this year, but now Royal has taken another step by adding a SD card reader to their design. If you recall, the EZVue features a small 2-line LCD screen that scrolls the contents of the USB flash drive. The same concept applies except with SD memory cards. This SD peripheral is capable of both, reading and writing to the memory cards.


Not sure wether your files are stored in your flash disk & have no time to check to your pc ? Royal Consumer Products gives you the solution.

They release Royal EZVue Vista Drive a flash disk with 2 lines screen which can shows the filenames stored without the need of a computer connection.

It has 4 keys to scroll displayed file names. Scroll it to right will reveal longer file names with file extensions, file size, created date. It also has a jump key to jump between directories & subdirectories.

The Royal EZVue Vista Jump/Flash Drives are compatible with Windows and Macintosh and USB 1.1 and 2.0 compatible. It bundled with Allway Sync Pro PC software, a Windows based software to sync between PC & Royal EZVue Vista Jump/Flash Drives.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price:

Royal EZVue Vista SD Card Reader/Writer: $29.99

Royal EZVue 256MB Vista Drive: $49.99

Royal EZVue 512MB Vista Drive: $79.99.

Royal EZVue 1GB Vista Drive $99.99

Mobile Phone Jammer, CJAM 1000

From :

JAM 1000 is a portable cellular jamming device to stop cell phones, wi-fi, pager or any other microwave frequency for up to 1 km radius. It can be activated remotely and it comes with a fingerprint option to prevent accidental triggering. Unfortunately, CJAM 1000 is a governments device, not for public market.

From :

The CJAM 1000 can effectively jam cell phones, Wi-Fi, or any other microwave frequency within a 1km range. Turn it off in case you need to make a call, it comes with Biometric fingerprint reader for maximum security. Of course it is not for sale to individuals, only for sale to government to block cell phone bombs, electronic theft denial and so on. CJAM 1000 produces 15 watts of output power per band. It is portable and comes equipped to allow for the remote placement of antennas, allowing full area control placing the jamming only in those areas required. It is available in two varaints for North American systems and World GSM systems.

From :

Designed for government use, the CJAM 1000 is a portable device that can jam cell phones, Wi-Fi, or any other microwave frequency within a 1km range. A biometric fingerprint reader ensures maximum security. Practical applications include disaster communication, electronic theft denial, cellular triggered bomb defeat, and site control.

“The CJAM 1000 using our antenna technology ‘Beams’ the jamming signal into the area of control while allowing for the use of communication in those areas which are not of concern.”

Sunday, March 05, 2006

MacBook Pro Benchmarked

Jacqui Cheng reviewing Apple's @1,999 MacBook Pro at and bechmark it with XBench 1.2. The result, the macbook pro scored 8. From the article: "Some of these results are surprising, and some are not. For one, the Aluminum PowerBook G4 mysteriously scored higher on the User Interface test than both of the other machines. Both the AlBook and the Dell scored higher on the disc test, which makes sense in the case of the AlBook, since it has a 7200rpm drive. The CPU test results were rather close for all three with some minor differences, and of course the MacBook Pro spanked the AlBook on the Thread test (while beating the Dell by a smaller margin). On the memory test, the MacBook Pro's RAM was significantly faster than the PowerBook G4. Isn't it nice to have a real FSB in an Apple portable?"

Complete review here.
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DIY Replacing laptop's Chip

Instead of paying Dell $1100 to replace their laptop motherboard, some guys at project oxcart opted to buy $5 chip and the entire day to replace the failed chip. Find the entire article here.

[via hackaday]
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Google will switch to Opteron

Ashlee Vance in Mountain View wrote at theregister com that Google has become an Opteron convert. This switch mean energy saving. Original from the article : "AMD has long claimed and proven in various tests - that it has a serious performance per watt advantage over Intel. Power savings have risen to priority number one at Google as energy costs and energy supply have become constraints."

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Friday, March 03, 2006

Open Document Format Alliance

The Alliance was launched on 3 March 2006 with more than 35 initial members from a wide range of countries around the world. Membership in the Alliance is open to all organisations that are committed to its mission.

The alliance works globally to educate policymakers, IT administrators and the public on the benefits and opportunities of the OpenDocument Format, to help ensure that government information, records and documents are accessible across platforms and applications, even as technologies change.

About ODF Alliance
Key Benefir of using ODF

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Face Recognition for Mobile Phone

Slashphone running article about Face Recognition feature for mobile phone will be introduced by Vodafone K.K. that authenticates customers by sensing their facial features to increase mobile phone security. From the article : "The Face Recognition function employs software based on Oki Electric Industry's "FSE (Face Sensing Engine)", embedded facial image processing middleware, and utilises the sub-camera located close to the main display to recognise customers by sensing the position of their eyes, eyebrows, mouth and other facial features. By pre-registering a customer's face and a secret question and answer, the camera will automatically activate when the handset is opened and authenticate a customer in less than a second."


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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Caller ID Spoofing

Don't believe your eyes ! At least for numbers on your cellphone. With just as little as $10, one can have 60 minutes talk time with fake caller ID. Oh, and it's legal.

USAToday has the article.

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A Better Search Engine than Google from Microsoft

Google is not enough for you ? Then wait for the next six months. Microsoft will introduce a search engine better than Google in six months in the United States and Britain followed by Europe, its European president said on Wednesday.

"What we're saying is that in six months' time we'll be more relevant in the U.S. market place than Google," said Neil Holloway, Microsoft president for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

"The quality of our search and the relevance of our search from a solution perspective to the consumer will be more relevant," he told the Reuters Global Technology, Media and Telecoms Summit.

"Should we add a Google-like search engine but twice as good hard-core into Windows? Guess what. If we did that, I don't think a company called Google would be very happy," he said.

But being good is not enough to win the hearts and minds of consumers already dedicated to another standard.

Original article from Reuters

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Lined up for Nintendo DS Lite

Some peolple lined up on the front of stores at 8 PM waiting for the opening at the morning in Japan to be the first person to buy Nintendo DS Lite.

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Source [Famitsu] via [Engadget], translated with [Babelfish]

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Google News on Your Mobile Devices

Have nothing to read when you're in a waiting room and want to know what just happen in this planet ? Just type on your web-enabled phone, and click the link to Google News. You can access the news you want, whenever you want, by using a search box, top headline listings, and browsable news categories.


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Cyber-Shot Camera Phone from Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson unveils their new Cyber-shot Camera Phones.
Sony Ericsson today unveiled a long-awaited camera phone that leverages another key Sony brand: Cyber-shot. The mobile phone maker also launched an attempt to push that other borrowing from its parent company - the Walkman brand - further down-market with the first ever clamshell version.

The K800 and K790 - respectively 3G and tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE version of the same Cyber-shot phone - both sport a 3.2 megapixel camera behind a drop-down cover. Both have auto-focus with illumination, on-board red-eye reduction, integrated xenon flash and image stabilisation feature.

Sony Ericsson touted the cameras' BestPic feature, which captures nine shots in sequence starting as soon as you press the shutter button to trigger the auto-focus. The camera then shoots continuously, retaining the four shots taken before your press the shutter button and then taking a further four afterward. You're then given the chance to keep the pic you took, or select any or all of the others, all of which are taken at the full 3.2 megapixels - so BestPic isn't just another name for 'burst mode', Sony Ericsson insisted.

The 115g camera phone ships with 64MB of on-board memory, and takes MemoryStick Micro add-in cards. Images are displayed on the cameras' 2in, 320 x 240, 262,144-colour LCD. There's built-in support for Google's Blogger service, allowing pics to be uploaded and posted on the web in a trice. Well, as fast as the host network connection will allow - there's no Wi-Fi on these handsets.

There is Bluetooth 2.0 and, for straight-to-printer connections, PictBridge. Sony Ericsson claimed the phones offer seven hours' talk time on GSM networks, dropping to 2.5 hours on 3G connections. The stand-by time is 350 hours, the company claimed.

The K800 and K790 will go on sale next quarter with variants for North and South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and China. Sony Ericsson did not provide pricing guidance, which is too dependent on operator subsidies and tariffs.

The Walkman W310 is a low-end clamshell music phone aimed at the 'yoof' market. It's got Bluetooth 2.0, an FM radio, a 262,144-colour main display and a quad-band radio with EDGE support. Sony Ericsson said it will bundle a 256MB MemoryStick Micro card with the product to complement the 20MB of on-board memory.

The integrated camera is a disappointing sub-megapixel job with 4x digital zoom. However, Sony Ericsson claimed the phone offers a whopping 9.5 hours' talk time - on stand-by the battery lasts for 400 hours.

The W310 also ships around the world in Q2. ®

Original articles at Reghardware

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Reason to buy Windows Vista

Why Windows Vista Won't Suck . He wrote major improvement of Vista such as :

Major Kernel Overhaul
Media Center Improvements
Major Audio Changes
DirectX 10
New Built-In Apps
Aero Glass and the New UI
Security, Security, and more Security

But, should you buy Vista ?
Still, it's hard to take a real look at Vista, both on the surface and under the hood, and consider it just another Windows rehash. This is a dramatic, whole-hog upgrade of the Windows platform. If you got anything out of this article, we hope it's the realization that Vista is not simply the Windows XP/2000 code base that has been slowly evolving over the years with some fancy graphics and icons slapped onto it. It should be clear that Vista is really the next generation of operating system from Microsoft, every bit as significant as the leap from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 or the jump from Mac OS 9 to OS X.
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Apple's New Products

Among other products, Apple introducing their new Intel Mac Minis to replace the Apple G4. They are faster 2.5 to 3 times of G4 version and came in two versions. The Core Duo version & Core Solo.
The Core Solo version, at 1.5 GHz, and including a CD burner, 512MB RAM and a 60GB drive, is $599.
The Core Duo at 1.67 GHz includes an 80GB drive and a dual-layer DVD burner, and sells for $799.

And as buzzed around blogs, Apple introduce iPod Hi-Fi, a $349 speaker system with built-in iPod dock, that runs on D batteries, as well as AC power.

Oh Apple also introducing a Leather iPod Case for $99.


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